in Rosings Park

Pigeons == Flying Bricks

I just got home from work. I’m sitting in the library, looking at comic books, when I hear a rattling bang in or near the kitchen. What could it be? Simon wonders, too, and he goes to look. I don’t get up.

A few minutes pass. I’m leafing through my comic book. WHAM! It’s that rattling bang again. I’m puzzled. Is Kris home, slamming closed the lid to the yard waste container? Did the mail carrier just drop two heavy boxes on the front porch? Is somebody outside vandalizing the house?

I get up to check.

Simon is sitting between the kitchen and the dining room, ears pricked, staring out the big window over the sink. There’s a group of pigeons on the feeder. You don’t suppose…?

I do suppose. There is a stunned pigeon on the ground, standing there, looking even stupider than usual. There are two new birdprints on the window. (There’s also a big, juicy one from last fall that I won’t let Kris clean — it cracks me up.)

Pigeons are SO DUMB. They’re like flying bricks.

  1. I cant tell you how many birds have met their death on my glass sliding doors in the dining room. One of the last ones was a big fat quail. I felt terrible about that quail. Usually it’s robins.

  2. The they hit the glass enough, it will be so dirty that they might start to see it.

  3. Pigeons are not flying bricks. They’re flying rats and they should be exterminated. /Insert Dalek impression here/ Turn your cats loose on them and you’ll not feel a bit guilty about it.

  4. We have lots of pigeons in our neighborhood. When we first moved here, they hung out on our neighbors roof, causing a nasty, nasty mess. So far, they haven’t gathered there in mass this year. If they do, I believe Paul wil purchase some sort of weapon to scare them off.

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