Lisa recently bemoaned the month of February as “the long dark teatime” of the year. I would like to respectfully disagree: February brings the first glimmers of life, is like waking from a long winter nap. Sure some grey days remain and there’s plenty of rain, but at least we have days like today.

Today is beautiful.

It’s sunny. The sky is clear. It’s nearly ten degrees centigrade, and it’s supposed to reach fifteen by the end of the week. I want nothing more than to mow the lawn. Early February in Oregon always features a few days like this, and by the end of the month they become a regular occurrence.

What other harbingers of spring does February have to offer?

  • Bulbs begin to blossom. The camellias bloom. Roses are pruned, and the caneberries too.
  • The rains decreases from an average of 5.35 inches in January to an average of 3.85 inches.
  • The average daily high temperature increases from 7.5 degrees to 10.5 degrees.
  • The days grow longer: we gain 42 minutes of light in the morning (by the end of the month, my commute is no longer in darkness) and 40 minutes of light in the evening.
  • Spring Training!
  • And much, much more!

It’s not February but January that is the long dark teatime of my year.

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