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European Vacation 2010, Days 24 & 25: The End

I don’t have much to say about our final day-and-a-half in Paris. Kris and I were still sick, and we didn’t leave the hotel room much. We did venture out to a kitchen store, but mostly we slept. Kind of a bummer way to end our European vacation, don’t you think?

Still, we had fun. Overall, the trip was fanastic. We both agree that we liked our week in Belize better, but we’re glad to have visited Italy and France.

Our trip home was uneventful, though the striked in Paris did mean that it took forever to reach the airport. I haven’t found a place to share the footage I took of the Paris Metro, so I’ll do that here.

Short clips of the Paris Metro system

I love the subway systems in Londong, Paris, New York, and Rome, and wish we had something similar in Portland. On the other hand, these cities are much bigger than Portland, so it doesn’t really make sense here.

We learned a lot from this trip, both about what we like in a vacation, and what we don’t like. (Hint: We don’t like cruises on boats full of old people.) We’ll apply that to future vacations, perhaps starting with our trip to South Africa next spring!

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  1. I agree with you, J.D. I have been on five cruises, and don’t like them either. Too much time is spent on the boat, and not enough time is available on land to tour the cities, and go on excursions. After the 4th cruise, I told Dad, “never again”, but these are business cruises for him, so I went on my fifth. At least this time I took travel sickness pills, and didn’t get seasick. I don’t might the “old folks” because we are in that age group. We enjoyed reading about your trip.