Though Kris and I still felt sick, it seemed foolish to spend our time in the hotel room. This was an expensive trip, and we felt obligated to get our money’s worth. Because we were feverish, we made a slow start to the day.

We left the hotel at 1100 for a second trip to the Louvre. Tickets were €9.50 each and easy to get, despite the crowds. In retrospect, we were foolish to pay €59 each for the Louvre excursion from the river cruise.

We spent four hours in the museum. Although we didn’t see everything, we saw plenty, including sculptures, Dutch masters, the apartments of Napoleon III, and more. It was well worth having returned.

The apartments of Napoleon III in the Louvre
The apartments of Napoleon III in the Louvre

Cupid and Psyche
Cupid and Psyche, which Kris and I both think is fantastic

We took the Metro back to the hotel, stopping for groceries at a supermarket. For dinner, we ate olives, sausage, bread, cheese — and grapefruit juice.

We dosed ourselves with medicine and watched episodes of Glee on the iPad.

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