Kris and I both woke feeling sick, but since we had to be out of our cabin by 0800, there wasn’t much we could do. We hunkered down in the lounge of the River Baroness with other late-departing guests. I wrote; Kris slept on the floor. At noon, we took the subway to our hotel, where we dropped off our luggage.

While waiting for the 1400 check-in time, we walked about 2km to a seven-days-a-week pharmacy. Using our rudimentary French skills and a pocket phrasebook, we hunted for flu remedies. Fortunately, a nice young man behind the counter noticed us flailing about; he came out to help us.

On our way back to Hotel Muguet, we took a detour through a vast outdoor market beneath the elevated train tracks along Boulevard de Grenelle (near the Metro stop). It was very cold, so we stopped to eat at Tribeca, though I wasn’t very hungry.

After checking into the hotel, we took our medicine, climbed into bed, and watched videos on the iPad. We fell asleep early.

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