Dear foldedspace readers,

I’m here today to ask a favor of you. I’ve decided to bring back the discussion forums at Get Rich Slowly. When I launched the blog last April, I also set up a discussion board. It got a little use, but not much. Then the spammers found it. I shut the forums down last fall.

Fast forward to today.

I’m having trouble keeping up with all of the reader questions and suggestions. I’d like to bring the forums back as an avenue for people to seek additional help, and to have other conversations about wealth and happiness. I’m inviting you to help me get these forums started.

There’s not much there now because I’m just getting them off them ground. There are just a few sections at the moment — if needed, I’ll split things in the future. Let me know if there’s anything that could be fixed or made better. And feel free to add lots of threads.

The best way to make the launch of these forums successful is to have it seeded with many topics when I announce their existence to the public, which I plan to do on the site’s first anniversary, April 15th. In the next ten days, I’m hoping that you will help me get some discussions started.

To register, simply follow this link. You’ll also need to use the registration code 0325.

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  1. Um . . . did I already register there and if not, what’s the VIP code?

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