Yesterday morning a crew from KGW (Portland’s channel 8 ) stopped by Rosings Park to interview me about my personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly. Both Amy Troy (the reporter) and Rod Stevens (the cameraman) were awesome. They were interesting and fun to talk to. Most of all, they were very understanding when I explained how irrationally nervous I become when dealing with radio or television. They did their best to put me at ease.

The strange thing was that I was perfectly relaxed when I knew the camera wasn’t on. I could chat and carry on a normal conversation. But as soon as I knew Rod was filming, I became self-conscious. I could feel myself trying to analyze my words as I spoke them, could feel myself garbling what I wanted to say. But I was powerless to stop it! Craziness.

Amy and Rod were at our house for 90 minutes to produce a 90 second segment for the evening news. About 20 of those minutes were spent doing a formal interview on the couch in the parlor. The rest of the time was spent in my office and in the yard.

The final cut of the interview that aired is okay, though I wince at some portions. I think I look like a big dork. “No you don’t,” Kris told me. “I thought it was nice.” I do think it’s hilarious that they kept my ad-libbed pea-munching. I was just goofing around.

The KGW web site also has a couple minutes of me in my office talking with Amy about money saving tips. This part is less successful. Kris doesn’t like it. I had cleaned my desk before the crew arrived, but Rod said, “Don’t you have anything you can put up there? Stuff to make it look like you’re working?” I laughed and pointed at the stacks of paper on the floor. “Yeah,” he said, smiling. “That’s more like it.”

So I put some stuff on my desk, including the notebook I’d taken with me to England and Ireland last summer. While Rod began filming, I flipped through the book and randomly stumbled upon a page listing a bunch of money-saving ideas that I’d brainstormed while on a train out of Dublin. I read them aloud to Amy. I knew Rod was filming, but I never imagined the footage would appear uncut on the web site!

There’s nothing really wrong with it, I suppose. I just look like an even bigger dork. Heh. My friend Stephen comforted me via e-mail: “I often thought I was a dork on television interviews until I got used to em.”

Anyhow, I’m glad I did it. And I’m glad that Amy and Rod were the crew dispatched to film me. The best part of the experience was spending time talking with each of them about their own experiences with money. It’s those sorts of interactions that make what I do exciting.

“If you really do get nervous, you should join Toastmasters,” Kris said after we watched the interview.

“I want to do the Dale Carnegie course,” I said.

“Yeah. But why spend thousands of dollars when Toastmasters is free?” she asked. She has a good point. Time to talk with Dave about Toastmasters again, I think.

18 Replies to “In the News”

  1. Courtney says:

    J.D., you’re a star! You don’t look or sound like a dork at all. Just think how successful you’re becoming with what started out as a hobby. It’s amazing!

    Robb S. took the Carnegie course if you want to talk to someone who’s experienced it.

  2. Amy Jo says:

    Very, very proud of you. I know it is difficult to bask in the glow of one’s own accomplishments, but you really should feel proud of how hard you’ve worked and what you’ve accomplished. I’m certain you’ve inspired other people to make positive change in their own life!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Great job Jd, I think it went fine. You are being too hard on yourself.

  4. Rich says:

    Gotta say…the pea munching is awesome! Overall I think it turnd out great. I actually really liked the tips video because of the great information.

  5. Amanda says:

    Wow! How cool! I had no idea how beautiful your house and yard were. So green.

  6. Mom says:

    I just saw a partial rerun on the Northwest Cable Newschannel, which is affiliated with KGW Channel 8. I had the feeling that you might get some more mileage from NWCN and that’s one reason I was watching it today. Plus they rerun their stories, it appears, so I expect that you will be on there more than once again before the day is through. I know I’ve said this, but a parent probably can’t say it too much: Very fine job!

  7. mrs darling says:

    Hey Im related to that guy; that almost makes me famous!

    Good job JD! Loved it!

  8. Jess says:

    I don’t think you look like a dork. You seemed like a real person, which I think makes you more credible. I always get suspicious when someone seems too polished on video.

  9. Denise says:

    I agree – I don’t think you look like a dork at all. The pea thing is the best, of course – good to see the good ol’ J.D. hasn’t changed just because he’s famous!

    AND you can see how fit you have become. You look great. Congrats for all that is happening in your life. You deserve it!

  10. Jeff says:

    JD, for actually [i]being[/i] a big dork, you looked surprisingly undorkish in the final cut interview – pea munching aside (but that was the best part).

    /brotherly duties 🙂

  11. Dave says:

    J.D., have you ever seen Stephen King stumble his way through an interview? He comes off as a border-line idiot in many of his interviews. You came off better than most the interviews I’ve seen w/ King, and he has *decades* of practice.

  12. Pam says:

    JD -awesome to get that kind of air time, but I have to say the highlight for me was catching a glimpse of our old 70’s floral chair on TV!

  13. Joel says:

    I thought you came across very well, JD. A rather serious (and slender!) version of the JD I know, but your “garbling” came across to me as extemporaneous expression and freshness of thought. It’s something I often try to do while acting (for instance, when I played Hamlet), “discovering” the lines as though really thinking them for the first time.

  14. Joel says:

    But, what’s up with all the hedge trimming? Was it supposed to be short-hand for thrift? Cutting spending like cutting excess shrubbery can be sexy and fulfilling?

  15. Josh says:

    “discovering” the lines as though really thinking them for the first time

    Ah, the ol’ Bill Shatner approach, I see. 😉

  16. Drew says:

    JD – Having known you for than 18 years, I was totally prepared to believe that you came off as a dork. However, after watching the video clip…I am thoroughly impressed. You came off sincere, grounded, knowledgeable, and un-preachy. You’re like the most famous guy I know. Well done, my friend, well done indeed.

  17. Very cool. You looked like you knew exactly what you were talking about. You didn’t look nervous to me. I was impressed with the whole segment.

    Although the hedge trimming clip at the end was a little weird. Why did they make you do that?

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