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IPR: Irrational Public Radio

Something else for Kris and her smug little lab friends:

This isn’t critical of NPR — merely mocking. And I think we can all agree that NPR could use some good mocking.

Actually, this is basically for every single one of my friends, all of whom seem to be NPR junkies. I call NPR “noise pollution radio”. It’s not that I object to its content — it has good stuff — but I cannot fathom listening to it non-stop like Kris does. Dad used to say, “I can’t hear myself think” whenever I had on something that distracted him. NPR is like that for me. (Especially those blathering car brothers.) I am constantly engaged in extensive internal dialogue, often trying to figure something out. That’s why I like driving techno music. It helps me get in the zone. NPR? NPR takes me out of the zone and forces me to focus on whatever is being discussed, thus “noise pollution radio”.

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  1. Interesting that you like driving techno music for solving problems. (I have several friends who like hardcore rock). Please explain! I’m very curious from a sociological point of view.

    Btw, I do like NPR but it’s so damn talky, especially when it’s “all-Iraq-all-the-time”. Shut up already 😉 I find that I can listen mostly on Saturdays (This American Life, Studio 360, etc) but maany hours of weekdays it’s a whine-fest. Alternatively, ‘regular’ radio is just as bad, with loud forceful commercials and overplayed music.

    If I sound whiny myself, it’s because you hit a very interesting sore spot with me: the media. It MAKES me whiny. So my solution is to often drive in silence. It works for staying ‘with myself’ and I arrive at my destinations much calmer and more mindful.

  2. hey guys – glad you dug the show – thanks for checking it out and posting it to MetaFilter. We’re trying to get our act together to get more episodes out, and down the road sell fully produced, full-length programs. Drop a line with any feedback or suggestions 🙂

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