There’s a film coming next winter — it’s set to open on December 7th — that’s sure to excite many of my friends as much (or more than) the next Harry Potter movie. Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials trilogy is finally being turned into a major studio production, and the stills from first film have been released. Here are ten of them.

These are from The Golden Compass (which is known as Northern Lights in the U.K.). The second part is The Subtle Knife and the third is The Amber Spyglass.

[Lyra walking across chairs]
This must be near the beginning of the film: Lyra roaming Oxford.

[Daniel Craig is Lord Asriel]
Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond, is Lord Asriel.

[Nicole Kidman is Mrs. Coulter]
Nicole Kidman should make an excellent Mrs. Coulter.

[Coulter meets Lyra]
Coulter meets Lyra. Run, Lyra, run!

[more Coulter]

[Scoresby meets Lyra]
Scoresby to the rescue.

[in the snow...]

[Coulter is a force of nature]

[Lyra with the compass]
Lyra with the titular golden compass.

No Iorek yet (I can’t wait) and no daemons. Digital effects take longer to produce, of course, so we probably won’t see examples of those until the summer at least. Still, I’m heartened by these stills. Kris and I are excited by what we see.

25 Replies to “Movie Preview: The Golden Compass”

  1. tim says:

    I’ve been attempting to mimic Sam Elliot’s voice for the better part of my adult life. Yeah, I know, that had nothing to do with the films, it just felt like a perfect time to throw out that bit of “Tim-trivia.”

  2. mac says:

    Makes me want to re-read the books!

  3. Dean says:

    I’m not a huge reader. The His Dark Materials trilogy are pretty much the only books I’ve read since graduating high school in 2000, and I loved ’em. I’m really happy that we’re going to have movie adaptations for the books – looks like we’re in for an exciting fall/winter lineup in 2007.

  4. Lisa says:

    Intriguing. The casting is excellent, but I’m still quite reluctant to risk having a movie spoil my mental images of such a great book. So far, so good, however. I love the atmospheric quality of the stills.

  5. Kim says:

    please call me at audubon magazine regarding your opal creek photo. 212 979 3132. thanks.

  6. Susan says:

    To this day one of the most heart-rending, soul-shattering images I carry around with me is the sight of the boy who’d been separated, literally cut off from his daemon and was carrying around a fish in its place. He was completely destroyed, and it destroyed me.

  7. So far no-one is talking about the storm brewing what with the potential for the conservative church bound to take offense … could be interesting days to come … the arguement is well formed at the open critic … article link for those interested is … could be worth checking out before the s— hits the fan


    And the stills are beautiful by the way.

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