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02 January 2007 · 1 comment

Kris has been pestering me for two-and-a-half years to hook up the VCR. When we moved from Canby to Oak Grove, we bought a new television. For some reason, the VCR didn’t get reconnected. (That reason is probably related to Netflix.)

Although we watch a lot of films on DVD, we still have many, many videotapes. It doesn’t make any sense to replace most of these, and yet without the VCR hooked up, they’re worthless. I’ve been buying films on DVD when we want to watch them. This is dumb.

Finally, Kris had enough. Top on my list of New Years chores was “hook up the VCR”. I was dreading it. I’m not an A/V guy. (That’s Jeff.) I figured it would take me half an hour and much cursing to get things to work.

Imagine my surprise when the process actually took all of thirty seconds. I’d already done most of the work at some previous time. (Why hadn’t I finished it?) All I needed to do was plug things in and test a tape. It worked like a charm.

Kris spent her New Years Day watching videos: The Joy Luck Club, Elizabeth, Two Girls and a Sailor. (The latter is an old June Allyson flick featuring a song that Kris likes to bellow from time-to-time: “The Young Man With a Horn”.) I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she digs out Anne of Green Gables. I’m glad to have done this, though — it makes her happy.

And meanwhile I can go downstairs to play Wii bowling. I’m regularly scoring 200+ now and have a rank of “pro”. (My high score is 257.) I can get about seven strikes per game, but I can’t string together any more than that. I’m actually very curious to bowl for real this Saturday. My normal score is ~155. Will my weeks of Wii bowling help my score or hinder it? Stay tuned. (And for some real fun, watch this video of a perfect game in Wii bowling.)

Bonus: Colbert vs. Pelosi in Wii boxing.

Okay. One more:

1 Michael Rawdon January 3, 2007 at 10:09

Messing with A/V connections can be a pain, but I rarely find that it’s actually difficult. I’m not an A/V guy either, but most of the pain is in just getting the components close enough that the cables reach while still being accessible. Sometimes I just buy longer cables, depending on how lazy I am. And I have made investments in things like a coax splitter (to send the cable tv to two different VCRs so both can record) and a coax switcher (so we can choose which VCR to play from).

It’s only when I have to completely disassemble and reassemble my A/V setup that I dread it, but it sounds like you were well past that step.

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