We didn’t know when we moved to Oak Grove that we were moving to a fireworks-crazed neighborhood. When we lived in Salem, we’d hear occasional fireworks around Independence Day. When we lived in Canby — both the north side of town and the south side of town — our neighbors set off fireworks on the fourth, but in retrospect, they were just playing around.

Now the folks in Oak Grove: they set off fireworks. Lots of them.

For days leading up to Independence Day, there are scattered explosions. On the third, there’s a sort of preview of what it is to come. This preview is loud enough that it kept us from falling asleep Sunday night.

But it was nothing compared to tonight.

From nine to midnight, we’ve been treated to a constant barrage of pyrotechnics. Sitting in bed, trying to fall asleep, it sounds something like this (62 sec. mp3 — listen for the jingle of a frightened Toto’s collar about twenty seconds in). Only louder. (My iBook’s speakers do a poor job of recording.) Imagine three hours of that while you’re trying to fall asleep.

It’s like a war zone.

Kris worked a normal day today. I slept in. Or tried to. “Good luck,” she said as she left. “I’ll bet the cats or the birds or the squirrels will wake you up soon.”

Sure enough, it wasn’t ten minutes until there was some sort of crow war (20 sec. mp3) occurring in the walnut outside the bedroom window. That sound clip only captures the end of the fight, when a clear victor had emerged.

So, between the crows and the fireworks, I didn’t get much sleep today.

We spent Saturday evening with the Gingeriches and the Proffit-Smiths, enjoying Jeremy and Jennifer’s newly-completed patio.

We didn’t have sparklers, but kids had fun anyhow. I took photos of them brandishing their brands. (Heh.)


Not as professional as adults drawing with sparklers, but fun nonetheless.

One of the fundamental rules of photography is “Only Show Your Best Work”. It’s a difficult rule to follow. I break it unintentionally all the time. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to show the crappy stuff.

I took the following photo of Emma the other night, and I think it makes her look remarkably like a child zombie, fresh guts smeared across her face. (The guts are actually s’mores.) The very next photo I took was this one of Hank, looking remarkably like a boy afraid of his zombie sister.


Next: the bathroom remodel begins!


On 05 July 2005 (12:30 PM),
Tiffany said:

Poor Toto!

I am lucky; where I am there are no private fireworks allowed. There are some nice professional displays, but not close enough to bother my sleep. At least it is only once a year. Is New Year’s Eve a problem?

On 05 July 2005 (02:25 PM),
Amy Jo said:

Our NoPo neighborhood is also full of fireworks-crazed people. Fireworks-crazed people who purchase illegal fireworks. We had quite the show. They started about 8 pm and it was well past midnight when they ended. The neighbors directly to the south of us started lighting them after midnight and they were loud and obnoxious. Both Ruby and Hanna crawled into bed with us . . . Something else woke me at 3:30 and it took me nearly an hour to fall back asleep and then the animals began their morning “get the people out of bed” routine around 6:30 so, I too am feeling sleepy today.

On 05 July 2005 (09:51 PM),
J.D. said:

“I can’t believe it,” Kris just said to me.

“What?” I said.

“The firecrackers!”

They started about fifteen minutes ago. They’re not nearly as loud as last night of course, but I expect they’ll last a while yet. They did last July 5th. And 6th. And 7th…

On 05 July 2005 (09:54 PM),
J.D. said:

Also, I forgot to mention in that last comment that we came home tonight to find a dead crow in the middle of the road by the mailbox. It looks like it died in flight: wings spread, etc.

Either the West Nile Virus has reached the Willamette Valley, or the aforementioned crow war turned deadly…

On 05 July 2005 (10:15 PM),
Cat said:

Being new to the ‘burbs, we were *astonished* this year at the volume of fireworks, starting on Friday evening. Luckily, we were up anyway. As new homeowners, it left me worrying for our roof. I don’t mind if you blow you’re own bloody hands off, but don’t burn down the neighborhood!

But whadd’ya gonna do, nuke Washington for selling what Oregon won’t?


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