At World Domination Summit this year, one of our attendee stories featured Cesar Kuriyama, who built an app called One Second Everyday. Kuriyama documented a year of his life in a six-minute video, one that included a one-second clip from each day of the year. As the name of his app implies, it helps others create similar videos by automating the process.

For three weeks, I’ve been using One Second Everyday to document my life. It’s fun. I’ve been pretty good about the process, except for a three-day span last week where I didn’t do much besides read, write, and clean house. (For those three missed days, I “cheated” by using extra footage from days where I had fun clips available.)

Here’s my One Second Everyday video for July 11th through July 31st. It does a pretty good job of capturing what I’ve been up to.

Here’s what each second captures:

  • July 11th – Writing October’s Entrepreneur column on tax deductions.
  • July 12th – Mannequin salesman at the antique fair.
  • July 13th – Visiting with the Limbaughs on Kim’s last night at the house.
  • July 14th – Packing Kim’s house and moving her to my condo.
  • July 15th – Talking with Benny Lewis about his travel plans.
  • July 16th – Working with Lisa Briscoe on our poster project.
  • July 17th – Kim’s bad cough keeping us awake in the middle of the night.
  • July 18th – Kim kicking my ass at pool (after beating me at shuffleboard).
  • July 19th – Picking berries with Kris at the house.
  • July 20th – Listening to live music at the Muddy Rudder.
  • July 21st – Romantical.
  • July 22nd – Watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. [Cheated.]
  • July 23rd – Smoking on the back porch at Kim’s house. [Cheated.]
  • July 24th – Celebrating a goal at the Timbers match. [Cheated.]
  • July 25th – “Baby Got Back” at the Yukon with Portland money bloggers.
  • July 26th – Sneaking down the steep hill behind the mausoleum.
  • July 27th – Beer and pizza at the Muddy Rudder.
  • July 28th – Buying flowers at the Farmers Market.
  • July 29th – Holding plank position at Crossfit.
  • July 30th – Comparison pricing at Costco.
  • July 31st – At the park with Andrew and Isaiah.

One interesting thing about this project is choosing what to include. Because I want to share my video with the public, I’ve kept it pretty PG (or PG-13). My life is more R-rated than that (as are most people’s lives!).

It’s also interesting that once I started taking short video clips, I stopped taking as many photos. Since I have a couple of ongoing photo projects, this is a bit of a challenge. I need to be sure I’m documenting my life with still images for these projects at the same time I’m capturing moving images for One Second Everyday.

I’m going to do my best to continue this project as long as I can. Can I keep it up for an entire year? I don’t know. It helps, though, that the app sends me periodic reminders throughout the day. These little nudges are enough to make me think, “What am I doing right now? Can I film a few seconds?”

I love this app. It’s fun to use, and it’s fun to see the pattern of my life captured in this way…

7 Replies to “One Second Everyday”

  1. Eileen says:

    Pretty interesting. I afraid I’m one of those people that gets ‘car sick’ from jerky camera movements and the 1 second clips kind of have the same effect. So while I made it thru your 3 weeks (21 seconds), I’d never ever watch my own (or someone else’s) for a year+.

    I guess it’s an extreme/ADD form of journaling.

    But I don’t get the allure of Vine or Instagram short videos either. 🙂

  2. I don’t have enough videos, but if I were to do something similar with still photos, it would have a lot of this and this. Which is to say, it looks like my facebook page.

  3. What a cool idea! I think this would be a powerful archival tool…a great way to store & relive memories.

  4. I think it would be fun to do but still think I would go for taking photos. Not sure if I am actually interesting enough to capture but having this for our newborn would be great.

  5. bethh says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned this! I may be getting a new job which may require an intro essay and/or video. I’m totally getting started now.

  6. Benji says:

    Can you tell me how you were able to “cheat”? The app doesnt seem to allow me to select a clip not taken on that particular day…

    • jdroth says:

      Benji, you have to modify the file creation date. How you do that will depend on your operating system, but Google should be able to help. It’s a little bit of a hassle, but still worth the effort.

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