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Starting Over

Here we are, together again.

Please note that after yesterday’s catastrophe, this weblog has a new URL:

It’s been a rough 24 hours behind the scenes here at foldedspace as I’ve struggled to determine what went wrong with my previous installation, and then grappled with what to do next.

I’ve installed the latest version of Movable Type. I have a rudimentary weblog in place. Until I can afford to fork over $100 for the appropriate license, I cannot host any other webloggers. (I’m guessing I can come up with this cash within a month.)

All of the old web sites are currently accessible, however, although it’s not possible to leave comments. You can still read:

There will be many changes around here in the coming weeks. Chief among these is that — for now, anyhow — in order to comment, you must log in using a (free) TypeKey account.

TypeKey is a system devised by the makers of Movable Type in an effort to reduce comment spam. Essentially, it’s a centralized repository of trusted weblog commenters. If you sign up for TypeKey in order to comment on this weblog (and I hope you will), then you’ll be signed up to comment on any other weblogs which require TypeKey (such as Jeremy and Jennifer’s site or Rich’s site or Scott’s site).

Also, I suspect that the front page will take a more traditional weblog format, displaying several recent entries instead of just a single long blob of text. (Don’t worry: I’ll be as verbose as always. I’ll simply bury the rest of the entry in an “extended entry” fashion.)

What other changes will occur? I don’t really know. If you have any suggestions or requests, I’d be happy to hear them. Should I incorporate the flotch into the main weblog, or should I keep it separate? Should I retain the calendar thingy I’ve had for the past few years? What sort of color scheme ought I to use? What about fonts: do you like a sans serif font like this one, or do you prefer the Times-based font I used to have?

Please, give me your input.


  1. Actually, it appears that a TypeKey login may not be required. It may be that I can screen comments, creating lists of “trusted” commenters whose remarks will automatically be posted to the site. Any new commenters would have their messages held until I could approve them, but all previous commenters could leave comments like normal.

    I’ll have to play with this.

  2. I like the big blob of info, for the record. It’s why I keep coming back! Those “links that hide the real content” are for Live Journal wussies!!

  3. J.D.,

    I miss the old one already! Keep as close to it as possible under the new regime. Keep flotch as part of the entry (I really liked it where is was).

    I wouldn’t change a thing. (Not possible I know but I thought the original one was fine.)


  4. I’m sure the people who use your space for blogs would help contribute towards the $100 bucks.

  5. Calendar, yes please! I use it.

    I took a class at UW on print publication for my tech writing certification, and the professor went into a long discussion about the cones and rods in a person’s eyes. (Pardon me while I butcher all the medical terms here…) Apparently, the blue sensors are at the outside of the vision path and there are fewer of them. So, blue text on white is one of the most difficult for eyes to read. It’s a strain. All this is a roundabout way of saying the regular light blue text for links and even the light blue bold titles don’t rank high for ease of reading.

    Bunk? I dunno, but I can give you more of an earful if you’re interested…

  6. BTW, do you really claim “middle-aged” as an adjective these days?

  7. RSS! RSS! I’ll diiiiieeeee without my RSS feed!!!

    Okay, I won’t die… but I *will* suffer in extreme agony.

  8. Sorry to see your blog down the other day, but it seems you are making progress!!

    I use typekey, but it is not required. I know Jeremy tried the commenting approval list, but didn’t feel like he got to the approvals in a timely fashion…

  9. I only read one blog, yours, so I hate to see change, but have nothing to compare with. I am learning with you and will change as needed. I am sending a check NOW.

  10. Completely out-of-the-blue suggestion here, but I just switched over to WordPress and love it. Makes things a tad easier to handle than MoveableType, the way I understand it, and is a tad more customizable.

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