Alas, it is a sad, sad day in Rothland. But a joyous one as well. After forty years, the trailer house is no more.

As you’ll recall, I grew up in this lovely mobile home:

Our trailer house

I wasn’t born here, but I have few memories of anywhere else. We moved here when I was two, so all of my childhood, all of my adolescence, and much of my adult was spent in this building. After serving as our family’s home, it eventually became the offices of Custom Box Service.

Many of you have visited this trailer house, which has been, well, dilapidated for some time. You’ve played games here. Spent the night here when we were kids. Worked here. And so on.

Well, after more than a decade of talking about building a new office, Nick and Jeff have finally taken action. Earlier this month, they brought in a temporary office:

The temporary office

And today…well, today this happened:

Demolitioning the trailer

Demolitioning the trailer

Demolitioning the trailer

Demolitioning the trailer

As I say, it’s a sad day, but a joyous one. There were a lot of memories tied to that building. But there’s no question it was an eyesore and a hazard and all of the other nasty things you can think of. We were embarrassed to bring customers out to the shop because the place was so rinky-dink.

I hope that in a few weeks, I’ll be able to post photos of a brand new office building!

3 Replies to “Tearing Down the Trailer”

  1. Claudia Gates says:

    I have been in that trailer, and I say,”Good riddance!” You will always have the childhood memories, and now, as an adult, you’ll have a better office for the box company. You should tell again, the story of retrieving the dead skunk from under that trailer. That was hilarious!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Did you find any more skunks?

  3. CousinNick says:

    Although you can’t tell from the photo, that is me in the Bobcat smashing through the bathroom wall. After all the time I have spent trying to keep the mobile home repaired there was a great sense of satisfaction in crunching through the wall and hearing the tiles clatter into the tub.

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