I’m trying to recover from Blogathon by sleeping in this morning, but it’s difficult.

For one thing, it’s light outside. I have an eyemask, but the light still seeps through.

For another, I had a hell of a lot of caffeine last night. My body is shaking.

Plus there’s the fact that Tiffany got the keys to her house last night and wants to move today. She’s scheduled everything very tight so that there’s no margin for error. And yet the movers are providing error. Kris says they’re not able to mover her today for some reason. Now they’re just running late. She could use my help!

The cats aren’t co-operating either. I’d been sleeping for a couple of hours when Kris came into the bedroom. “Hon, wake up. You have got to see this.” What I had got to see was Simon, outside the bedroom, sitting on the balcony. We have no idea how he got there. “He was sitting on the planter box outside the kitchen,” Kris said, “and then the next thing I knew he was on the roof of the front porch. And then he was here.” We wrestled with the balcony screen (it’s large, and sharp, and cumbersome) until we had it free, and then Simon just stood up, looked at us, and traipsed into the house. “Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad.”

And, finally, now that I’ve finished pouring my soul into Get Rich Slowly, I want to spend a couple hours putting the finishing touches on Animal Intelligence and spend a few hours getting Four Color Comics back in shape.

But what I really need to do is sleep.

2 Replies to “Too Tired to Sleep”

  1. and spend a few hours getting Four Color Comics back in shape.

    Yay! 🙂

  2. J.D. says:

    Good news!

    Despite fears to the contrary, Tiff’s move went smoothly. The movers showed up and we got everything unloaded at the new place. She’s a happy girl!

    And I managed to get sixteen hours of sleep in the past 24, to that’s good.

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